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Accounting and financial statements

The Accounting services offered by our team of qualified accounting professionals aim to help domestic and multinational companies meet economic and financial reporting requirements in Italy by outsourcing activities related to accounting and tax compliance: from data entry management to the preparation of financial statements and tax returns. Accounting services thus enable companies that decide to outsource activities to allocate their internal resources to higher-value-added activities and reduce the time resources spend on activities considered time-consuming.

Faced with increasing market demand for outsourced solutions for accounting, treasury and taxation processes, the firm has established a business unit specializing in providing the following services:

  • Of bookkeeping on both our accounting system and the Client’s accounting system and related reconciliations of bank and account balances;
  • Preparation of periodic reporting packages (cash flow, ageing customers and/or suppliers, etc.);
  • Administrative and accounting management of permanent establishments and subsidiaries of foreign companies.
  • Preparation of periodic reports to the parent company in accordance with national and international accounting standards.
  • Services of preparing annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements according to Italian regulations, with subsequent filing of the same in XBRL format;
  • Preparation of accounting records (inventory book, journal book and asset book) and tax records (VAT record keeping) according to Italian regulations and management of all related tax obligations (Intrastat, black-list, declaration of intent and VAT return);
  • Management of the self-employed withholding tax process and preparation of related tax obligations (F24 and Form 770);
  • Support in resolving related accounting and tax concerns;
  • Managing the relationship with supervisory bodies of Client companies by answering questions posed.

Tax and fiscal consulting and assistance

The firm is efficiently organized to assist all types of clients in the execution of compulsory tax obligations, it is distinguished by its ability to combine rigorous professional ethics with careful tax planning, guaranteeing personalized advice and assistance on direct and indirect taxes, aimed mainly at corporations, including entities that are part of foreign multinational groups, that intend to start or expand their business in Italy.

Among the main services offered:

  • Preparation of tax returns, including National Tax Consolidation regarding domestic and international corporate groups;
  • Training to the Company’s administrative staff on specific tax and accounting issues in order to increase internal staff skills;
  • Definition of fiscal planning and programming guidelines to optimize their impact in compliance with current regulations. Construction of models for forecasting related cash flows.
  • Preparation of periodic tax packages for multinational companies;
  • Assistance in international group company relations. Preparation of Transfer Pricing documentation (National Documentation and Master File), cost distribution, cash pooling and financing, royalties, asset disposal;
  • Support in direct identification, opening a tax representation or starting a permanent establishment in Italy;
  • Tax-related questions and opinions, including on issues related to international tax law.

Corporate finance

Financial planning is one of the most powerful levers for optimizing corporate profitability and cash management. With a business unit dedicated to Corporate Finance, the firm supports Clients in the development of economic-financial plans that enable each company's sustainable development.

The firm is able to support the Client in the following activities:

  • Stages of analysis, formulation and preparation of multi-year plans, budgets and forecasts at the economic, capital and financial levels.
  • Business plan;
  • Cash flows (cash-flow analysis and forecast);
  • Sensitivity analysis, follow-up monitoring of results, variance analysis, management control;
  • Debt verification with monitoring of enterprise crisis indices.

The firm is able to ensure continuous assistance of the Client in decision making. We support the company in issuing debt instruments and finding sources of financing.

Governance, transformation and enterprise evolution

Evolution, transformation and the process of complete business change go through a path of advisory to the company's senior figures, coaching and corporate renewal. We identify the skills you need and build with you a team of specialized and focused advisors who can support you in the decision-making processes most relevant to your business and help you implement change.
Generational transition, succession and, in general, all leadership transitions are elements that, if not handled promptly and properly, can also result in very serious crises in the enterprise. We help all enterprises define their leadership transition architecture from initial setup to implementation.

Among the main services offered:

  • Supporting the entrepreneur in designing or reorganizing the structure of the company and the group with tax and corporate planning activities, including extraordinary transactions such as mergers, demergers, spin-offs, and business branch transfers;
  • Support for participation in public and private tenders and calls for funding and facilities;
  • Business consulting for new business ventures (start-ups, corporate or contractual joint ventures-partnerships, RTIs, etc.), business acquisitions and disposals;
  • Valuation of companies, assets and specific assets; accounting and tax due diligence; negotiation and drafting of social and shareholders’ agreements;
  • Opinions on accounting, tax, business law (with particular reference to extraordinary transactions, corporate and shareholder relations, banking and insurance law) and bankruptcy issues;
  • Segregation of assets.

Business Crisis and Insolvency Proceedings

The firm assists entrepreneurs in business crisis contexts and in handling bankruptcy proceedings. In addition to being strongly oriented toward preventive analysis, the firm's advice also includes the full range of solutions regulated by the Legislature in bankruptcy proceedings.

The firm provides assistance in the presentation of judicial and extrajudicial procedures aimed at the restructuring of failing companies, management of relations with creditors, in particular:

  • Advising on the development of reorganization business plans; negotiation of debt exposure with major creditors; drafting of certified reorganization plans pursuant to Art. 67, para. 3, lett. d, L.F. (now Reorganization Plan ex-Art. 56 of the BoC) and agreements ex-Art. 182-bis L.F. (now ex-Art. 57-64 and Art. 67-73 of the BoC);
  • Review of reorganization plans to be attested; attestations ex art. 67 (now Reorganization Plan ex art. 56 of the BoC), 182-bis L.F. (now ex art. 57-64 and art. 67-73 of the BoC) and for the submission of Preventive Arrangements or Minor Arrangements;
  • Assistance in accessing bankruptcy proceedings (of liquidation nature but also in direct and indirect continuity) or minor arrangement, from the drafting of the arrangement plan and the application for admission to the post-homologous phase of plan implementation;
  • Supporting the liquidation of the enterprise;
  • Legal assistance in pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy litigation (now Judicial Liquidation under the new CoC);
  • Supporting the entrepreneur in bankruptcy (now Judicial Liquidation under the new CoC);
  • Assistance in preparing petitions for access to over-indebtedness procedures and more generally Assisted Settlement, as well as Negotiated Crisis Resolution.

Appraisals, business valuation and due diligence

The firm's professionals have specific expertise in the drafting of expert reports (judicial and extrajudicial), business valuation expertise, equity investments, and in accounting and tax due diligence to support businesses.

Tax Litigation

The Firm assists and defends Clients in the context of tax audits both at the Company and then at the Internal Revenue Service in conciliation and before the Tax Commissions.

Carries out all court activities necessary to protect the client’s rights through the preparation of defense briefs and appeals.

  • Supporting the Companies in the pre-litigation phase, offering suitable advice and assistance in the submission of petitions for interpellation, answers to questionnaires, submission of petitions for self-protection;
  • Assisting companies at headquarters with tax audits;
  • Assistance with the Internal Revenue Service in examining possible deflationary instruments (conciliations and assessments with adhesion);
  • Preparation of tax appeals to provincial and regional commissions.

Auditing services

The firm has extensive experience in managing the analysis and review processes put in place to analyze the reliability, value and condition of a company; these services are requested in the ordinary course of business directly by the owner, in the course of buying and selling to evaluate a new investment, or in the case of business combinations or shareholder litigation.

  • Legal or voluntary audit;
  • Audit;
  • Due diligence;
  • Advisory


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